Give Your Toddler The Freedom To Soar

Your Child Explores, Discovers, Learns, & Plays

Give Your Toddler The Freedom To Soar

Your Child Explores, Discovers, Learns, & Plays

Toddlers | 12 - 30 months | Serving Temperance, MI

Qualified Teachers Educate & Prepare Your Child

Expert toddler teachers have a Child Development Associate® credential or higher. They truly love teaching little ones, and ensure your toddler learns everything they need to know for their next academic level now.

A Powerful Teaching Tool Grows Social-Emotional Skills

Teaching Strategies Gold® helps your toddler develop the social-emotional skills they need to become a good friend and a good citizen. Social skills and emotional regulation are a part of every child’s personalized lesson plans.

Safe & Secure Spaces Let Your Little One Explore

Your little one is at the stage where they’re discovering the world around them, playing, and exploring their environment. Locked doors, privacy fences, cameras, and restricted access allow your toddler to focus on being a toddler.

Thoroughly Disinfected Spaces Ensure Cleanliness

Classrooms and communal spaces get cleaned and sanitized daily with H2Orange2©, a green and eco-friendly cleaning product that’s free from harsh chemicals. You can rest easy knowing that your little one is protected against germs and environmental toxins,

Engaging, Exciting Outdoor Play Happens Every Day

Outdoor play is essential for your little one’s cognitive, motor, and social development. They play within a fantastic playground space, learn gardening, race trikes, and explore play structures, a real-life boat, and a mud kitchen!

Flexible Scheduling With Full-Time &Part-Time Enrollment

Play-Based Curriculum Keeps Them Learning

Your growing toddler learns from a hands-on, play-based curriculum that incorporates sensory, dramatic, and pretend play with teacher-initiated lessons. Learning through play gives them a strong academic start in pre-math and early literacy as they head into preschool.

Practical Life Skills Are A Platform For Their Future

Life skills run the gamut from self-care like dressing to being safe in a kitchen. Toddlers start exploring life skills through play: dressing up in costumes, using real kitchen items during pretend play, and more help get them ready for preschool and beyond. 

Delicious, Healthy Snacks Fuel Their Day

Kids eat a home-packed lunch, but snacks are prepared onsite. Little ones love sharing snack time with friends, and delicious, nut-free treats give them plenty of energy to conquer their day!

Stay A Part Of Their Day With Brightwheel©!

The convenient Brightwheel© app lets you keep your child’s day at your fingertips. View photos and videos, access real-time teacher reports, view milestone progress, and more so you can support your child’s learning at home.

Proud To Be A Michigan Great Start To Quality 5-Star-Rated Program

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

Attentive & Caring Staff

My son was a bit apprehensive about starting preschool. He now absolutely loves it! Teachers and staff are wonderful with him, he adores all of them! He always comes home excited to show me something new that he learned.

- Amber Nicole

Amazing Curriculum

My little has been going here since she was only 8 weeks. She is now two, and sad to say we will be moving to another county soon and no other daycare will ever compare to this one. If you need to take your littles to any daycare in the Bedford area or surrounding areas take them here! Amazing curriculum, caring/loving teachers!

- Shelby Lee

The Staff Truly Cares

The staff truly cares about each and every child as if they are their own. When we toured in 2017, it felt like home and to this day we still consider BCDC our daughter's second home. ❤ Thank you for continuing to provide a safe learning environment for little G.

- Gina Kay

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